You’ve got to want it.

Happy Monday YouMakeYou army– no better way to start the week than a Motivation Monday post!
Want it.

Screenshot me right now and look at me all week.

Let’s think about something:

Do you ever notice how when you watch a sports game, all of the intense, most important action seems to happen in the final minutes?  This is because both teams realize that THIS IS IT— time is running out, they NEED to give it all they have.  Crazy goals are scored, amazing plays take place, ‘miracles’ seem to happen in the final seconds.  Now, think about what would happen if they played like that ALL GAME?  THAT is how we have to live our lives.  Like the final buzzer is right there, like we WANT it, not kind of want it.  Like we are just on the cusp of reaching our dream and our next move is it. 

I want you to try and keep this mindset throughout the week. Live in the moment in a way that is pushing you towards your goals– just like sports teams play for that win.

So tell me: what is your favorite sport to watch?





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