Dairy Free? No problem! Protein Pancakes.

As most of you know if you follow me on the gram  I am very lactose-intolerant to say the least.  One time, a restaurant didn’t realize butter was dairy– maybe, it’s a carb? 😉 hehe get it? — but they cooked my chicken in it and HHAAAAA BYE FELICIAAAAAA, ’twas very bad.  But, as a side note, one of my friends enlightened me on the fact that greek yogurt is often tolerated by lactose intolerant people so I tried it the other night and I WAS FINE!!! ALL HAIL.


Back to the point of this email– DAIRY/GLUTEN FREE PROTEIN PANCAKES as easy as can be and super delicious, not to mention picture worthy 😉


I’ve spent quite some time perfecting this recipe mostly because 1. who wants a crappy protein pancake? and 2. I kind of am obsessed with them…


Me to my roommate post spin sprawled on the floor: “I’m going to shower, and then make pancakes!”

Roommate with a large smile: “WOW! You like pancakes?! I didn’t know that!”

Sarcasm, if you’re wondering.  I’ve made them everyday since we’ve moved in BUT in all fairness they are healthy and I am not allowed to cook where I am living next semester so I am getting my share in now!

pancake ingredients


  • 1 scoop plant based protein (note: I have yet to try whey  but it should work–  let me know in the comments if you try)
  • 1.5 TB coconut flour*
  • 2 TB oat flour*
  • 1 egg white
  • 1/3 c almond milk + a bit of water POSSIBLY
  • pinch of salt
  • OPTIONAL: add ins of choice

* NOTE: you can sub the 2 flours for 1/4 c gluten free flour blend.

  1.  Mix all dry ingredients well in a bowl.
  2. Add egg white and almond milk and combine.  If your batter is too thick, add water until it is the consistency of normal pancake batter.  Like so..pancakes batter
  3. If desired, stir in add ins like berries, cinnamon, chocolate, etc.
  4. Heat a pan over medium heat and cook your pancakes, flipping once when about half the pancake has been cooked through.
  5.  Top with nut butter (gbutter is my favorite of all time and the macros are AMAZING! You can use YOUMAKEYOU for a discount and free shipping), fruit,GREEK YOGURT 😉 anything you desire, and enjoy!


If you make these, let me know what you think!

& always remember: YOU MAKE YOU



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What I learned while flipped in the middle of a lake

       Let’s talk fear.cropped-1006121_623838680961587_972134298_n3.jpg

(If I had fear, there is
no way I could have
taken this ~pretty
dang cool~ photo)


Far too often, people don’t have time to chase their dreams because they are too busy hiding from fear. When I say ‘fear’ I don’t mean of spiders or heights, I mean the internal fears that we rarely even know exist. Like the unconscious fear of failing, or of disappointing someone. Of not being able to accomplish something, or of how difficult something may be. We often don’t admit to fearing these things aloud, and a majority of the time—we don’t admit to them internally to ourselves, either. We tell ourselves we are fine where we are, nothing is wrong, everything is good. But, staying where you feel safe is your mind’s unconscious way of cowering in fear.

Guess what—do you know what fear stands for?


A ppearing

Fear is littttterally (name the show) pertaining to things that have not occurred yet. The things you fear are things that your mind made up that could happen, but are not actually in existence. When you fear, you are scared of false things that are appearing real to you because of thoughts you are having.

“Right now, you are in THIS moment. You are not thinking about what has happened up until now, you are not thinking about what is to come. You are HERE, NOW.”
— Me during every Spinning class I coach

^^ I want you to use that in life as well. Why waste time worrying about what has happened when it has already passed? And, more importantly… why ON EARTH should you waste time NOW worrying about what MAY happen in the future.
STOP fearing. Let your dreams in, and chase them.


Just today, I was in the middle of the quite vast Cayuga Lake^^ sculling in a single with one of my best friends. I took an off stroke and flipped completely over. That’s some scary shit when you are in the middle of a vast body of water not knowing what is in there with you. After about 15 attempts of trying to get back in, I had two thoughts:

1. Okay I am going to be eaten alive by some fresh water shark like thing.
2. This is going to be one long @$$ swim home.

— “Kat, I can’t do it, I’m too tired” (ok maybe a few curse words thrown in there)
— “While a smile on her face: “Colb come on, YOUMAKEYOU (not kidding—she said it), ‘can’t’ literally isn’t in your vocabulary, get up there”



Supposed to be me


Actually me






I let the fear of failing (and shark attack LOL) take over my mind and body, so that is all I could do. For just a few minutes I lost my YouMakeYou® mindset and there I was treading water in the middle of a ginormous lake.
Fear and ‘can’t’ are synonymous. You think you can’t do something because you are scared that you can’t, scared that you will fail, scared that it will be too hard, scared you will disappoint someone. But, those things are not real—they have not occurred yet! Stop focusing on fear, and start focusing on your dreams. Remove can’t from your vocabulary. NEVER believe that you can’t or won’t accomplish something because then you are right—you can’t.

Moral of the story: keep that YouMakeYou® mindset. It is amazing what you can accomplish with something as simple as thoughts.

XOXO, a very soaked Colby

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Workout Challenge


Spontaneous days are the best days.  I don’t know exactly why, there is just something about them that I just LOVE!  I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I am  aggressively a type A person so I live such a scheduled, ‘to the tee’ life, that spontaneity is rare so when it comes it is like AAAAHHHH hi.  Does anyone else love spontaneity as much as I do??

So my morning consisted of running down ~2 miles to the Ithaca Farmers Market.  And, when I say run down… I litttttraly (name the show?!) live on top of a mountain, so its more of a “hope my legs move forward fast enough and I don’t eat shit” kind of run.

(The run wasn’t spontaneous, that’s a weekly thing with one of my best friends– actually I LIVE for the Ithaca Farmers Market, it’s heaven)


If you are ever in the area, 10/10 recommend


Every week, I get the red bean balls (slang name, lmk if you know the real name because they have achieved status of being my favorite food in the world).


Pure heaven-sent-god-like-ness.

As we were walking back up (straight up.. ) the gorgeous gorge trail, we spotted a flat rock in the middle of the water-y area (see videos on IG because I am so stellar at describing things as you can tell).  We were in the middle of a conversation debating if we had time before she had work to go to the gym, so  jokingly at first, we were like “that would be fun to workout on”, and then me, being me, was like YEP LET’S DO IT, so we did! ( I love you for being my person, Heather– I know you read these 😉 )

ANDDDD VIOLA here is the spontaneous workout we ended up doing in the middle of a gorge.

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 6.52.16 PM

At one point, a lady walking the trail AND I QUOTE “Wow, turned the corner and saw two fannies in the air!! Good Morning!” 

Workout goes like this: set a timer for 15 minutes and do as many rounds as possible.  Rest 1-2 minutes and then do the same thing with the second set of exercises.

NOTE: There are videos for both of these on my instagram @colbytriolo_youmakeyou I just can’t upload videos here a.t.m. erggggggg

the workout

SET 1: 10 burpees, 30 russian twists, 30 high knee foot taps, 5 incline pushups

SET 2: 15 squat jumps, 24 walking lunges, 30 high step ups, 20 ab bicycles each side

Get to it because YOU MAKE YOU 😉



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Mad Lib Mondays

First things first… have you checked out the new YouMakeYou.net design!? If so, what do you think?  My goal is to make it as user-friendly / jam-packed with information and resources as possible so your feedback is always 100% welcome 🙂

Second things second…  it’s MAD LIB time!  FLASHBACK to childhood?! OK maybe not as funny— but here’s the ‘adulting’ version guranteed to be the perfect, most aligning start to your week. I challenge you to send this to a co-worker or friend! Who doesn’t love MadLibs?!

HERE WE GO:9eae7e9e1a1d40fbd27b54037554f590.jpg

1. Are you truly and utterly happy? (Yes or No)

2. In the greater sense, where do you want to be? (adjective)

3.  What is one goal you have? (in a sentence)

4. What is one negative thing in your life? (few words)

5.  (positive adjective) 

6. What is one thing you love about yourself? (positive words)

If you answered ‘NO’ to number 1:

Okay, I know that I am not happy.  However, that is COMPLETELY fixable, well because— YOU MAKE YOU, therefore I MAKE ME.  I would love to be           (2)           and        (3)           . Which I am admitting to myself right now, so I promise that I will make small steps towards this everyday.  For example, I can start by not allowing          (4)            to ruin my positive mental vibes anymore.  And, each day I will continue to move forward towards my       (5)       goal because I know that I get one life to live, and that one life if is my ___(insert aggressive word here if desired)   life.  I will become      (2)     and        (3)         .  Starting, right now, I believe in myself and will continue to do so because I am a strong f%^(ing eagle and (have) _____(6)          gosh darnit!

If you answered ‘YES’ to number 1:

Hell yeah, I am happy and I am going to stay happy but I also know that YOU MAKE YOU, therefore I MAKE ME, so in addition,  I would love to be           (2)           and        (3)           . Which I am admitting to myself right now, so I promise that I will make small steps towards this everyday.  For example, I can start by not allowing          (4)            to ruin my positive mental vibes anymore.  And, each day I will continue to move forward towards my       (5)       goal because I know that I get one life to live, and that one life if is my ___(insert aggresive word here if desired)   life.  I will become      (2)     and        (3)         .  Starting, right now, I believe in myself and will continue to do so because I am a strong f%^(ing eagle and (have) _____(6)          gosh darrnit!

Before you go on with your Monday, print out your result.  Pin it up near your desk, or screenshot it on your phone as a slight reminder whenever you need that extra kick!

Otherwise, have a wonderful week, and remember YOU MAKE YOU.


Colby Triolo

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YouMakeYou in action: Alison from Daily Moves and Grooves

A little over a year ago I met an absolutely beautiful human, Alison Yeung, at a blogger retreat.  Since then I have had the pleasure of continuously getting to know her.  One time we walked over 10 miles to get the ‘best carrot cake in the world’ in NYC…. it was.  The more and more I’ve learned about Alison, the more I am amazed at how well she encapsulates the YouMakeYou® mindset.  She epitomizes how it is a daily, hourly, minute-ly way of thinking, not just a once in a while thing.
Alison and I decided to answer a few ‘interview’ questions for each other so keep reading to learn more about the wonderful Daily Moves and Grooves owner and how YouMakeYou® impacts her life.  When you are done, you can also head over to her blog to read a little more about my story!
11667b_d78e4ee496b648268887c6a7768a68da-mv2_d_4032_3024_s_4_2                                                                        Meet Alison:

Favorite motivational quote: “Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it.”

Favorite food: I would say nut butter, but that’s so cliche in the healthy living world. I love me a good gyro!

Favorite exercise: Burpees! There are a thousand ways you can do them, so it’s like 1000 for 1, ya know?  (as demonstrated here….)


Tell me about your blog, what does it mean to you?   My blog is my diary about my health journey from disordered eating to, well, health. However, it has also always been is an outlet for me to share my innermost thoughts, as well as my life experiences, big and small.

what do you try and make it geared towards? I make it geared towards human experiences, with a general focus on faith, food, and fitness

Does it relate to what you are studying or your personal life? I’m studying physical therapy, which is a health science, so my blog content often ties into general health practices. As I learn more in my field, I will probably incorporate more content about smart exercising! And my blog definitely relates to my personal life. I share so much about my faith and emotions, plus a good deal about my college/work experience. Most people are not just robots who eat and work out all day, so I think it’s helpful for everyone to talk about personal things!

what is the theme?pray, eat, move, groove 🙂 

11667b_ef6109724ec345a98ae99f8b561eba98-mv2What does the YouMakeYou mindset mean to you: To me, YouMakeYou means overcoming adversity in your life through both physical and mental training. Colby has inspired so many through her story of determination, humility, and hard work, and I think those three things are essential to the YouMakeYou mindset.

Describe one way you embody this YouMakeYou mindset: I never considered myself “athletic” (zero hand-eye coordination and I hate running), but I always had determination (aka stubbornness ;)). That determination has helped me achieve fitness goals that I could have never imagined in the past. But more importantly, I try to approach fitness and life without fear of events that I cannot control and instead with a positive attitude, which can make any situation fruitful.

What is one goal you have and how do you plan on achieving it? One goal I have is to be able to hold a handstand for a long time more consistently! I plan on achieving this by continuing to strengthen my shoulders with drills and progressions and to just get upside down as much as possible to stimulate those proprioceptors! (← physical therapy nerd alert)


“Thank you so much, Colby, for welcoming me onto your blog!! I am truly honored. I love everything your stand for and I know that you are truly inspiring others, not only in fitness but in life. ♥︎ You inspire me.” — Alison, Daily Moves and Grooves

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5 Steps to Live Your Passion

Let’s get right to it:

1. Stop thinking about what your plan will be, or how you will make money.   Stop letting fear control your life.  If you love something, that is all you need to chase it.  
2. Write a list of things that you love and put a smile on your face.
3. Use that list to find an ‘umbrella’.  Meaning, think about what you could do that encompasses all, or most of the things on that list.

ie. If you truly cooking, making art, and interacting with people, your umbrella could be a food blogger! 

Businessman insurance agent

4. Let go of fear, and most importantly accept right now that not everyone will ‘get you’.  You have to do what you do for YOU.  As selfish as it sounds (it is not)— you have to please yourself before you can please anyone else.  Focus on what makes you happy, in the end you being happy will make others happy.

Take a leap of faith.


5.  Need a place to start to find your passion? It is OK to feel lost, here is an ~awesome~ activity from Levo that can help.
Always remember…
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You’ve got to want it.

Happy Monday YouMakeYou army– no better way to start the week than a Motivation Monday post!
Want it.

Screenshot me right now and look at me all week.

Let’s think about something:

Do you ever notice how when you watch a sports game, all of the intense, most important action seems to happen in the final minutes?  This is because both teams realize that THIS IS IT— time is running out, they NEED to give it all they have.  Crazy goals are scored, amazing plays take place, ‘miracles’ seem to happen in the final seconds.  Now, think about what would happen if they played like that ALL GAME?  THAT is how we have to live our lives.  Like the final buzzer is right there, like we WANT it, not kind of want it.  Like we are just on the cusp of reaching our dream and our next move is it. 

I want you to try and keep this mindset throughout the week. Live in the moment in a way that is pushing you towards your goals– just like sports teams play for that win.

So tell me: what is your favorite sport to watch?





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